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Sunday, 8 November 2015

5 things to do when bored

Everyone gets bored at some point. And when we do we have to idea what to do! I get bored ALL THE TIME and sometimes I can get over the boredom quickly. Want to know how? Read on...

Whenever I get bored I look on google 'what to do when bored' but I never get the kind of things I would want to do and things like do your homework or revise and I am not the person to do homework willingly so I ignore those tips. Also you never get good ideas and it's always the same on all websites. BUT DON'T worry!!! I have your back and I will not allow you to get bored after you have read the following ideas!!!!!

1) Watch youtube videos
I love watching videosand so do most people (I think) so I suggest hopping onto youtube and watching youtuber videos. Trust me they keep you occupied for a loooooong time and once you start you cannot stop!!!!!! My favourite youtubers are:

And you should definitely watch their videos because they are sooo good!! 

However if you do not enjoy watching people talk to their cameras the you could always watch youtube drama series they are also really amazing and 'I love makeup' have the most fabulous series with different genres so check them out as well!!!

2) Watch series on netflix

Okay so most people do this anyway but if you don't then you should totally try some series on any website really but I would recommend netflix because they have probably the most variety. If you need some tips on which series to watch then you should try:
  • Friends- this is a comedy TV series which is soooo funny. My favourite character is probably Joey because he can be so cute at times!!
  • Once upon a time - This is an adventure type of programme but the storyline and the plots are really good that you can never stop watching. I would give a summary but to be honest it's better watching it for yourself.
  • Gossip girl - This is about a bunch of rich and spoilt high school students and the problems and drama they face. It is quite interesting if you like high school drama type programmes

3) Do a DIY! 

Doing DIYs is fun and some are really easy to do with stuff just lying around. You can literally create anything and it will be a DIY because you Did-It-Yourself! If you need inspiration the check out the DIYs I have done!

4) Learn something new

 I don't mean like another science topic or as such but something completely different that you have never done! Learning anything will come handy some pint or another and so taking courses or just experimenting yourself could come in handy. You could try photography, programming, management courses, cooking, hair-dressing, ANYTHING!! It will all come in handy some time or another. If you prefer to do online courses you should definitely try out Udemy courses where you have a gigantic variety of things from sewing to football skills. Also quite a lot of them are free and there are also many cheap ones as well. I definitely recommend participating in Udemy courses because they keep you occupied for quite a while.

5) Go on social media

I was literally on my instagram  a second before I started writing this post!!! I love going on social media and stalking people to see what they are up to. I am literally on there like 24/7 because it is sooo amazing! You can make new friends and get to know more brands, singers, authors, bloggers, vloggers etc!! It is literally so amazing!! There are also many social media such as snapchat, instagram, twitter, pinterest, tumbler even youtube counts as social media (apparently) There is also askfm and whisper and one of my favourite is fml it is sooo funny!!

I hope you try the tips out when you are bored and comment what you do when you are bored!!! 

Shushpriya xxx